Embutidos O Mazo


Deluxe natural homemade spicy sausage

An entirely homemade product using the finest lean pork cuts, red peppers selected for their quality and natural flavour, and wild garlic. Made without using additives or colouring it is smoked over oak chips to give the meat exceptional flavour and richness. This completely natural product is made by Cárnicos Río; an industry pioneer in the production of authentic, natural, homemade, Galician spicy sausage.

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Snack Sausage

Hand made in natural casing with the traditional flavor tha charaterizes it, this sausage is created for those who wish to offera queality tapa platter, both in the hotel business and for gatherings of friends, catering, etc. It is especially created for heating in the microwave or cooking with wine.

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Chorizo Criollo (local sausage)

A traditional product from the kitchen to the grill, made with the best Galician meats, vacuum-packed in four units for better storage and easy cooking. Presented semi-baked, it will keep its authentic flavor to please the most demanding customer.

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Braseiro (Portuguese-style barbecue)

Made according to tradition, this fresh cured meat is especially created for cooking either on the barbecue, fried, or baked. Give a Galician touch to your dishes by including the most artisanal cooking of our land.

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